Living on the Edge

EP 04- Out of the Frying Pan

Our heroes are dropped off at GORNO Station and go their own separate ways, only to have a newcomer thrust them into his folly. It looks like they won’t be going their own directions after all…

The Rundown

- Upon disembarking the Falcon, Han Solo offers the PCs a credit chip with 1,000 credits each. He thanks them for their help, and says the credits are counterfeit- they’ll only work for the next thirty minutes, before disappearing.

- Our heroes use the credit chip to get some new digs.

- Brew Blutum is interrupted at the end of his purchases by Del Strum, who frantically approaches him. Del believes that Brew is Han Solo, due to the use of counterfeit credit chip.

- Del asked a slicer to hack the transaction logs and help him find a team who he could rely on to get him out of the sticky situation he was in…and at that moment, the entirety of GORNO station went on lockdown.

- A voice announces that Del needs to return to his ship immediately, before the whole station is torn apart looking for him. Del and Brew workout a deal; their team will get 49% ownership of Del’s starship if they assist.

- At that moment, Del melts back into the crowds of startled station-goers, and our team is left to formulate a plan. Brew and Calculon head to docking bay F4. Calculon attempts to use his newly-acquired monocular with nightvision, and is approached by a guard. At the last moment, he’s able to avoid conflict (but, loses a credit chip that he found on the way).

- Brew discovers (with his mechanical intellect), that the security and docking controls can also be accessed at a sub-station on a maintenance level above.

- A lone guard protects the sub-station. Brew and Calculon, in their formulating a plan, are discovered by the guard. Instead of surprise, he politely asks for a drink; it is clear he is lazy about it his post.

- Brew and Calculon get him a coffee, and spill it on him when they get close. Calculon moves in for a punch, but slips on the liquid. In the moment, Brew pulls out a combat knife and jams it into the guard’s back. The guard dies.

- Inside the room, Brew deactivates the security constraints that are impairing Del’s vessel. Calculon dons the guard’s bloody uniform, finds a jacket inside (to hide the blood), and makes his way to the barracks.

- In the barracks, Calculon’s search fails, he attempts to open too many locked lockers, and the security alarm is activated.

- Brew’s quick thinking (and mechanical expertise) has him shut off the power to the barracks, killing the alarm. Calculon continues to search (Triumph), and finds a hover-cart, and enough security uniforms for the rest of the team. (he and Brew are also awarded an item of their choice, less than 500 creds)

- The team is now prepared to complete the reclamation of Del’s ship.

Other Information

- On this day, Jason purchased several extra source books. It seemed like a fun opportunity to give the PCs an opportunity to get something extra from all the new items, so the credit chip element was added to support that.

- Nick, who was introduced to this game in this episode, has his story introduced as an early series of integral plot points. This was done to not only bring him in, but to offer all characters a chance to improve their backstory (and subsequently get them introduced)

-Jin, absent from this game, will still appear in the second half.


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