Living on the Edge

EP 03- Offworld Express

Floss Point Colony quickly welcome our heroes, and safe passage is easily secured by a pair of familiar faces…but while our heroes wait for departure, they discover more sinister happenings in the community than they originally thought…

The Rundown

-Aaro, the leader of the colony, welcomes you. After your patched up, he explains that a lone shipment is leaving the settlement that evening; if you’re lucky, you can catch a ride.

-Journeying to the edge of the settlement, you find eerily familiar faces; two smugglers, Han Solo and Chewbacca, are loading cargo. You ask for a ride, and they gladly agree (thanks to Ondine Luna’s charismatic introduction).

-Because of an atmospheric anomaly, they won’t be able to depart until the evening, leaving you to explore in the meantime.

-Calculon perceives that something is wildly wrong, and Brew Blutum inspects one of the cases you helped load aboard the Falcon. Floseetamin, a common core ingredient of the drug Haze, is stored in mass quantities.

-It is clear that Floss Point is not a fledgling colony, but a secret drug farm.

-The team decides not to do anything about it, but they are concerned with Trex, so, in an attempt to deal with him, they had to Aaro’s office (which serves as a municipal building, including a jail).

-Brew brilliantly distracts Aaro by asking him about the specifics of a hunting rifle he owns ( triumph ) while Calculon steals a grenade belt, hiding it in a secret compartment in his ass (also triumph ).

-Brew and Calculon are invited to an end of day “gathering” where the colonists sit in the town center and drink. They make a brief appearance ,but sneak off to plant the explosives.

-The team escapes on the Falcon, and while leaving, detonate the explosives ( triumph again! ) It is relatively clear that both Aaro and Trex are killed, decapitating the head of this colony, as well as their greatest threat.

-While in space, a Star Destroyer happens upon the Falcon, forcing Han to jettison the cargo. It now becomes clear that the farm is owned by Jabba the Hutt, and Jabba won’t be happy about this.

-The duo drops your team off at a nearby space station, where you continue your journey…

Other Information

- Jason chose to tie this into the Star Wars films, the “dropping cargo” being the moment that Han Solo refers to throughout the Star Wars Trilogy. This moment is ultimately why Jabba the Hutt captures him.

- Jason had a loose arc here, which included other opportunities, such as our group taking control of the colony, murdering the entire colony, destroying all the crops, and more. Almost none of the options were selected, though, other than killing Trex.


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