Leader of Floss Point Colony


Aaro was the leader of Floss Point Colony.

He was a hunter, and an organized businessman. He quietly maintained the small community.

Aaro was murdered by our heroes in EP 03- Offworld Express


Aaro worked directly for Jabba the Hutt, as one of his lieutenants. He job was to ensure the flow of the plant Floseetamin off Sa’aran, and to one of Jabba’s processing facilities on Tattooine.

Aaro came from a city-planet in the inner rim, filled with far too much commotion and noise. Wanting a simpler life, Aaro lobbied his trade businesses into a bunch of prefab shelters, and took to the stars.

Aaro and a handful of other members started Floss Point Colony a little over a decade previously. Before long, their tucked away little colony caught the attention of a set of smugglers, and in turn, Jabba the Hutt.

The crime lord was enamored with the unique atmospheric properties of planet, which prevented travel during daylight, and usurped control in order to produce Floseetamin. Jabba had just lost his previous Floseetamin, and found that this discovery was nothing more than a stroke of fate.


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