You conned him in the Beginner Game. Stole his ship.


A large, unsightly Trandoshan, Trex sports a grim visage at all times.


Trex owned the Krayt Fang, and made a good gig out of hustling goods and services back and forth for Teemo the Hutt.

That is, until you jacked his starship.

The Trandoshan was kidnapped unknowingly while his ship was stolen. After escaping from his bonds, Trex waited patiently for his limbs to regenerate.

Then, days later, he struck.

The Trandoshan battled against you, accidentally destroying the navigation suite. The ship crashed into a nearby planet, Trex seemingly killed…

He survived the crash, and made it to the nearest encampment before you did. Before he could convince the local colonists you kidnapped him, Ondine got them on her side. They imprisoned him, where he patiently plotted his revenge, until he was murdered by Calculon and Brew.


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