Victor Harlowe

Del's Arch Nemesis


General Information

Victor Harlowe is either attached to, working for, or somehow running an expansive military unit. The unit appears to not be affiliated with the Empire, however, it may be tied to a major corporation or criminal faction.

Little is known about Victor Harlowe, except for his reportedly [broken] contract with Del Strum. Del appears to be harboring an item that is meant for Victor, however, It has not been delivered.

Victor will do whatever necessary to recover that item.

Additional Information

Victor Harlowe has access to enough equipment and military resources to shut down an entire smuggler’s outpost (as done in EP 04- Out of the Frying Pan, and is capable of seeing through many deceptions (as done in Ep 05- Out of the Frying Pan Part 2 )


Victor Harlowe

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