Living on the Edge

EP02- Botched Escape
Survival skills are put to the test...

A surprise attack puts our would-be heroes on their toes, and their ship careens into a nearby planet. Stranded with little resources, the group endeavors to cross the wilderness to the closest settlement. As they do, they realize that more than one enemy is following…

The Rundown

-While sleeping onboard the Krayt Fang, a loud scream wakes you. Trex has chewed off his arm, and is attacking Ondine. Calculon and Brew quickly come to her aid, but it’s too late. In his psychotic rage, Trex has damaged the navigation systems.

The ship is crashing.

-The group quickly gets to the cockpit, seals it off, and attempts to adjust for landing. You’re able to slightly alter course, saving you from absolute doom.

-After crash-landing, Brew is knocked unconscious. Erik was absent from this game, and needed to be removed.

-Calculon and Ondine attempt to collect as many supplies as they can (including looting Brew), and, partially repairing damaged systems, they are able to find a nearby settlement.

-Wild panther-things attack them at night. Calculon and Ondine protect Brew and the supplies.

-In the morning, Calculon and Ondine begin an arduous trek through the wilderness with Brew in tow.

-Halfway through the day, Trex makes his return. He survived the crash, and plagues you.

-After avoiding a series of attacks, Calculon and Ondine make it safely to Floss Point Colony…where Trex is waiting.

-He accuses you of stealing his ship, kidnapping him, and then destroying it. Ondine is able to persuade the locals otherwise, and they arrest Trex..

-The locals, shocked at the supposed horrors that were endured,ask if they can help give Brew medical attention.

EP01- Escape Mos Shuuta
Escape, thievery, deception, and escape again...

A rag-tag group of deviants find themselves tucked away in the prison of a would-be crimelord. Before long, a plan is hatched…and an escape is made. The group then forces their way through the city, and escapes with the star ship of a hired gun…

The Rundown

-As we open, each one of you found yourselves trapped in the dungeon below Teemo’s palace. Different reasons brought you here, but you all now have a unifying purpose: escape.

-Distracting and injuring the guards, all of you escaped by making your way across several traps and through armored doors.

-You found yourselves chased through the streets, and took shelter in a cantina. Guards came, and you defended yourselves. The barkeep told you of a ship in the hangar, ready to just needed an engine.

-So, you took it upon yourselves to head into the junk shop, and convince the man you were there to pick up the part for Trex. Miraculously, he believed you, and you even convinced him to let you have it “for a later payment.”

-In order to get money, Brew attempted repairs on a weapon that was malfunctioning. In a stroke of genius, the weapon was not only repaired, but improved far above it’s previous condition. After a few more repairs, the weapon smith offered a series of extra components for free.

-One of you managed to slip into the flight center, where you disengaged the locking clamps on your new prize.

-Then, Ondine distracted Trex while Calculon repaired the ship. Trex was eventually subdued, and the ship stolen.

-The tables turned quickly when, just out of orbit, a wing of Tie Fighters surrounded you. In epic Star Wars fashion, Calculon managed to mimic Trex’s voice, and convince the pilots he was leaving on schedule. You were able to escape unharmed.

Other Information

- This was a modified version of the beginner’s game. Jason chose to do this because it was not only easier to create- it laid a framework where the players could learn with their own characters. It also set an interesting jump-off point, creating a story hook that could be used to frame a campaign.


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