Floss Point Colony

Floss Point Colony is a small colony on the planet Sa’aran. It is a farm where Floseetamin, the main ingredient of Haze, is grown. The colony is owned and operated by Jabba the Hutt.


Floss Point was founded by Aaro and a few other members, who found the commotion of the massive planets on the inner rim too much to handle. They started Floss Point on Sa’aran because it was an unlikely spot to be visited.

Only a handful of years into the colony, a chance meeting of a smuggler brought Floss Point to the attention of Jabba the Hutt, and he arrived with force. He made a deal with Aaro that was simple; grow Floseetamin, and the colony stays. Refuse, and die.


The colony is surrounded on three sides by wide plains, and sits against a dense jungle on the fourth. It lives on a small hill of a plateau, with a river only meters away in the jungle, making it a near perfect location for a community.

The small settlement is nothing more than a series of prefabricated shelters; the kind we’ve all seen a hundred times. Many look no larger than tents, or small cabins, sprinkled across the elevated plains.


Floss point exports Floseetamin, a plant that is colloquially known as Floss.


The colony appears to receive regular shipments of goods from off-planet…a fairly expensive affair.


It has roughly 3-4 dozen inhabitants.

The colony was led by Aaro, a quiet, sharp man, until our heroes killed him in Episode 03: Offworld Express..

Floss Point Colony

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