Krayt Fang

General Description

The starship originally belonging to Trex. Later stolen by Calculon, Brew, and Ondine in EP01- Escape Mos Shuuta

The Krayt Fang is a lightly customized YT-1300 Freighter.

The ship is later destroyed by Trex, who sabotaged the controls in order to murder the thieves.


Other Information

- Jason decided to immediately crash this ship, as it would both provide a twist in the story, and also eliminate the use of a YT-1300. The YT-1300, the same model craft as the Millennium Falcon, is an often used and sought-after ship in Star Wars games. Jason wanted to avoid it’s use as quickly as possible, and crashing it seemed to do that.

- Crashing the ship created unique Athletics, Mechanical, and Piloting checks, in order to get the ship to survive the atmosphere.

Krayt Fang

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