Living on the Edge

Alt 01- Recruitment
The newly formed Alliance gets new members...

A series of messages leads a group of strangers to seek out a newly formed rebellion against the Empire…but before any contact can be made, the players have other worries…


This is an alternate game being run simultaneously to Living on the Edge. It takes place a year before the events of Edge, and is designed to create a secondary experience for the players. These characters will eventually cross paths with those from our main game!

The Rundown

  • Players have all received email messages asking them to wait here, at this time, in an alley at Treasure Ship Row, Coronet City. A cam droid eventually finds them, and the mysterious contact moves the meeting, because the players have been followed.
  • Roduck, a southern Nikto, uses his uncanny perception powers to immediately notice the clumsy agents tracking them.
  • Axel charms a young pickpocket into causing a diversion in front of the agents, stealing their attention and allowing the players to slip away.
  • Blueton attempts to find a merchant sympathetic to the Alliance…but only finds a kind man instead (the Rebellion is still too new).
  • The cam droid finds the players, telling them to goto a nearby apartment, room 2-23-A.
  • The players find a pair of Aqualish thugs guarding the entrance. Blueton convinces them they have serious matters to attend to inside.
  • Roduck kicks open the door to room 2-23-A, as it is locked, and nobody inside responds.
  • Room 2-23-A is a surveillance outpost for the Empire. The agents are alerted when the door is kicked in, and Axel attempts to convince them he’s a bounty hunter who was tracking a bounty here.
  • The ruse falls apart quickly, as Blueton attempts to enter, and the agents are won over with suspicion.
  • Roduck attacks the agents, knocking one over, and Axel follows up with a crippling shot that kills them both.
  • The mysterious Alliance contact enters, explaining that there are a dozen more rooms like this, spread out across Treasure Ship Row… all attempting to gather intel on illicit activities that may be benefiting this new “Rebellion.” If the players are still interested, there’s plenty more work to do…

Opening Text

The Alliance to Restore the Republic…at least, that’s the email said. The message, dressed in the most vague terms, discussed the tyranny of the empire. This was more than a movement, more than the protests you’ve seen before; this was something more. It appeared organized.

Each of you received a similar letter about a week back…and it asked you to meet here, at this time.

In a dirty, wet alley in Coronet City on Corellia. The smell of fried foods linger out of the back of a nearby restaurant kitchen. Down the way, the mouth of the alley opens into Treasure Ship Row; the crown jewel of villainy in the city.

After a few minutes of impatient waiting, a cam droid no bigger than a baseball slips into the alley, hovering a few feet away from you. A radio clicks, and you hear a voice.

“Good, you made it. We’ve got a problem, though; this meeting location has been blown, and you’re being followed. Lose your tail, and I’ll make contact.”

With that, the droid skitters out of the alley, and you’re left to work.

Additional Information

  • Busy players eventually stalled the main game so much that an alternative was sought out; the players needed a game that could be quick drop in and out, and utilize some of the material in the books that hasn’t been explored yet.
  • Games in the AOE campaign will be shorter, more self-contained, and more free-form. There maybe a greater story, but it will come in smaller, more digestible parts.
  • Jin played Roduck, a character created by Jason, because there was no time for him to build an alternate before starting.
Ep 06- Pit Stop

It wasn’t long after you’ve broken free of the space station, that you find yourselves low on fuel. With little options, you stop on Montrose, an outpost ravaged by a series of disasters. Can the team help rebuild what’s been lost?

The Rundown

-The players have landed on Montrose, a muddy, backwater disaster that has been ravaged by a series of super storms.

-The players need fuel, but after the first storms hit, most colonists fled. They’ve taken almost all valuable resources with them, including fuel. The survivors at Montrose are almost out of food, and with another impending storm, they fear they won’t survive much longer.

-Marshal Jaffrey makes an offer to the gang; if they help rebuild what they can in Montrose, then maybe the Marshall can help them get off the planet. The gang agrees.

-Immediately, Calculon notices something familiar about the layout of this colony; it is a Clone Wars base. The organization of the core buildings, as well as the design of the landing pad are unmistakable. The colony may have evolved since the wars, but this place still had the markings, through and through.

-The team begins to clear debris from a busted power generator. One of the boulders falls, pinning Brew Blutum inside his construction vehicle. Calculon manages to help remove it.

-Upon getting into the building, the team finds that automated turrets are activated. They make quick work of them, and continue.

-Brew is able to reactivate the power in the generator without much issue.

-Returning to Marshal Jaffrey for next steps, the team finds a crowd gathered, despite the storm. They find that Jaffrey is being held hostage by a man named Bordo Gash.

-Tala attempts for a peaceful resolution, but Brew and Calculon have other ideas. A well timed shot knicks Jaffrey, killing Gash.

Ep 05- Out of the Frying Pan Part 2

The plan, ready to spring into action, is interrupted by a newcomer. Tala, an ex-bodyguard of the Queen of Naboo, inserts herself into the escape plan, forcing the team to account for another person. With few options, they put their strategy into motion…

The Rundown

- The team sees that Del is being dragged towards the ship, incapacitated by guards.

- Before they can do anything about it, Tala appears at the entrance. She wants to help, and the gang fools her into thinking they’re soldiers.

- Calculon claims the dead soldier is “sick”, and they’re unable to prevent Tala from trying to help. She realizes he’s dead, but she’s not phased.

- Brew feels out whether or not Tala is pro-Empire, and when it’s clear she’s not, he admits the truth, and asks for her help.

- The team is able to convince the guards carrying Del that they’re guards, and they relieve the unit. Then our heroes enter the hangar with Del.

- At the top of the ramp, a man walks down the plank of the ship. The gang attempts to fool the man into thinking that they’re part of his security team. It fails miserably, and he orders his door guards to kill them.

- The gang battles the door guards. Calculon excels at combat.

- The man journeys down to battle them, but Tala is able to convince him to leave, and he escapes.

- Our heroes board the ship, only to discover that the inside is a library.

- Upon jumping to hyperspace, the man reveals himself as Victor Harlowe, and that he is after an artifact that Del may have in his possession.

- Del, now awake, lets the heroes know that they are on a giant auxiliary hard drive, filled prior to the formation of the Empire. The ship has data untainted information about the galaxy…

EP 04- Out of the Frying Pan

Our heroes are dropped off at GORNO Station and go their own separate ways, only to have a newcomer thrust them into his folly. It looks like they won’t be going their own directions after all…

The Rundown

- Upon disembarking the Falcon, Han Solo offers the PCs a credit chip with 1,000 credits each. He thanks them for their help, and says the credits are counterfeit- they’ll only work for the next thirty minutes, before disappearing.

- Our heroes use the credit chip to get some new digs.

- Brew Blutum is interrupted at the end of his purchases by Del Strum, who frantically approaches him. Del believes that Brew is Han Solo, due to the use of counterfeit credit chip.

- Del asked a slicer to hack the transaction logs and help him find a team who he could rely on to get him out of the sticky situation he was in…and at that moment, the entirety of GORNO station went on lockdown.

- A voice announces that Del needs to return to his ship immediately, before the whole station is torn apart looking for him. Del and Brew workout a deal; their team will get 49% ownership of Del’s starship if they assist.

- At that moment, Del melts back into the crowds of startled station-goers, and our team is left to formulate a plan. Brew and Calculon head to docking bay F4. Calculon attempts to use his newly-acquired monocular with nightvision, and is approached by a guard. At the last moment, he’s able to avoid conflict (but, loses a credit chip that he found on the way).

- Brew discovers (with his mechanical intellect), that the security and docking controls can also be accessed at a sub-station on a maintenance level above.

- A lone guard protects the sub-station. Brew and Calculon, in their formulating a plan, are discovered by the guard. Instead of surprise, he politely asks for a drink; it is clear he is lazy about it his post.

- Brew and Calculon get him a coffee, and spill it on him when they get close. Calculon moves in for a punch, but slips on the liquid. In the moment, Brew pulls out a combat knife and jams it into the guard’s back. The guard dies.

- Inside the room, Brew deactivates the security constraints that are impairing Del’s vessel. Calculon dons the guard’s bloody uniform, finds a jacket inside (to hide the blood), and makes his way to the barracks.

- In the barracks, Calculon’s search fails, he attempts to open too many locked lockers, and the security alarm is activated.

- Brew’s quick thinking (and mechanical expertise) has him shut off the power to the barracks, killing the alarm. Calculon continues to search (Triumph), and finds a hover-cart, and enough security uniforms for the rest of the team. (he and Brew are also awarded an item of their choice, less than 500 creds)

- The team is now prepared to complete the reclamation of Del’s ship.

Other Information

- On this day, Jason purchased several extra source books. It seemed like a fun opportunity to give the PCs an opportunity to get something extra from all the new items, so the credit chip element was added to support that.

- Nick, who was introduced to this game in this episode, has his story introduced as an early series of integral plot points. This was done to not only bring him in, but to offer all characters a chance to improve their backstory (and subsequently get them introduced)

-Jin, absent from this game, will still appear in the second half.

EP 03- Offworld Express

Floss Point Colony quickly welcome our heroes, and safe passage is easily secured by a pair of familiar faces…but while our heroes wait for departure, they discover more sinister happenings in the community than they originally thought…

The Rundown

-Aaro, the leader of the colony, welcomes you. After your patched up, he explains that a lone shipment is leaving the settlement that evening; if you’re lucky, you can catch a ride.

-Journeying to the edge of the settlement, you find eerily familiar faces; two smugglers, Han Solo and Chewbacca, are loading cargo. You ask for a ride, and they gladly agree (thanks to Ondine Luna’s charismatic introduction).

-Because of an atmospheric anomaly, they won’t be able to depart until the evening, leaving you to explore in the meantime.

-Calculon perceives that something is wildly wrong, and Brew Blutum inspects one of the cases you helped load aboard the Falcon. Floseetamin, a common core ingredient of the drug Haze, is stored in mass quantities.

-It is clear that Floss Point is not a fledgling colony, but a secret drug farm.

-The team decides not to do anything about it, but they are concerned with Trex, so, in an attempt to deal with him, they had to Aaro’s office (which serves as a municipal building, including a jail).

-Brew brilliantly distracts Aaro by asking him about the specifics of a hunting rifle he owns ( triumph ) while Calculon steals a grenade belt, hiding it in a secret compartment in his ass (also triumph ).

-Brew and Calculon are invited to an end of day “gathering” where the colonists sit in the town center and drink. They make a brief appearance ,but sneak off to plant the explosives.

-The team escapes on the Falcon, and while leaving, detonate the explosives ( triumph again! ) It is relatively clear that both Aaro and Trex are killed, decapitating the head of this colony, as well as their greatest threat.

-While in space, a Star Destroyer happens upon the Falcon, forcing Han to jettison the cargo. It now becomes clear that the farm is owned by Jabba the Hutt, and Jabba won’t be happy about this.

-The duo drops your team off at a nearby space station, where you continue your journey…

Other Information

- Jason chose to tie this into the Star Wars films, the “dropping cargo” being the moment that Han Solo refers to throughout the Star Wars Trilogy. This moment is ultimately why Jabba the Hutt captures him.

- Jason had a loose arc here, which included other opportunities, such as our group taking control of the colony, murdering the entire colony, destroying all the crops, and more. Almost none of the options were selected, though, other than killing Trex.

EP02- Botched Escape
Survival skills are put to the test...

A surprise attack puts our would-be heroes on their toes, and their ship careens into a nearby planet. Stranded with little resources, the group endeavors to cross the wilderness to the closest settlement. As they do, they realize that more than one enemy is following…

The Rundown

-While sleeping onboard the Krayt Fang, a loud scream wakes you. Trex has chewed off his arm, and is attacking Ondine. Calculon and Brew quickly come to her aid, but it’s too late. In his psychotic rage, Trex has damaged the navigation systems.

The ship is crashing.

-The group quickly gets to the cockpit, seals it off, and attempts to adjust for landing. You’re able to slightly alter course, saving you from absolute doom.

-After crash-landing, Brew is knocked unconscious. Erik was absent from this game, and needed to be removed.

-Calculon and Ondine attempt to collect as many supplies as they can (including looting Brew), and, partially repairing damaged systems, they are able to find a nearby settlement.

-Wild panther-things attack them at night. Calculon and Ondine protect Brew and the supplies.

-In the morning, Calculon and Ondine begin an arduous trek through the wilderness with Brew in tow.

-Halfway through the day, Trex makes his return. He survived the crash, and plagues you.

-After avoiding a series of attacks, Calculon and Ondine make it safely to Floss Point Colony…where Trex is waiting.

-He accuses you of stealing his ship, kidnapping him, and then destroying it. Ondine is able to persuade the locals otherwise, and they arrest Trex..

-The locals, shocked at the supposed horrors that were endured,ask if they can help give Brew medical attention.

EP01- Escape Mos Shuuta
Escape, thievery, deception, and escape again...

A rag-tag group of deviants find themselves tucked away in the prison of a would-be crimelord. Before long, a plan is hatched…and an escape is made. The group then forces their way through the city, and escapes with the star ship of a hired gun…

The Rundown

-As we open, each one of you found yourselves trapped in the dungeon below Teemo’s palace. Different reasons brought you here, but you all now have a unifying purpose: escape.

-Distracting and injuring the guards, all of you escaped by making your way across several traps and through armored doors.

-You found yourselves chased through the streets, and took shelter in a cantina. Guards came, and you defended yourselves. The barkeep told you of a ship in the hangar, ready to just needed an engine.

-So, you took it upon yourselves to head into the junk shop, and convince the man you were there to pick up the part for Trex. Miraculously, he believed you, and you even convinced him to let you have it “for a later payment.”

-In order to get money, Brew attempted repairs on a weapon that was malfunctioning. In a stroke of genius, the weapon was not only repaired, but improved far above it’s previous condition. After a few more repairs, the weapon smith offered a series of extra components for free.

-One of you managed to slip into the flight center, where you disengaged the locking clamps on your new prize.

-Then, Ondine distracted Trex while Calculon repaired the ship. Trex was eventually subdued, and the ship stolen.

-The tables turned quickly when, just out of orbit, a wing of Tie Fighters surrounded you. In epic Star Wars fashion, Calculon managed to mimic Trex’s voice, and convince the pilots he was leaving on schedule. You were able to escape unharmed.

Other Information

- This was a modified version of the beginner’s game. Jason chose to do this because it was not only easier to create- it laid a framework where the players could learn with their own characters. It also set an interesting jump-off point, creating a story hook that could be used to frame a campaign.


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