PC Bounty Hunter Assassin


Little is known about the history of this droid, or how he came to be without a master.

Player Character. Run by Jared.

Calculon, for a reason not yet revealed, has wide-angle holo-emitters placed strategically across his body.

The emitters are locked to a single, slightly malfunctioning hologram of a humanoid male who appears sickly.

Calculon can activate the hologram at will, but he is unable to access the image template.



Little is known about this time about Calculon. His droid appearance, and the wear of his metal parts suggest at least decades of activity, but the sentient will not discuss his history… so the truth is not clear.

Calculon’s possession of a unique set of holo-emitters, giving him the appearance of a human, is widely illegal, and it is not clear how he both has the emitters, and where he received them from.


  • How did a robot get holo-emitters built into it?
  • Why can’t Calculon change the holo-template?
  • Who built him?
  • Why is Calculon an assassin?


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