Living on the Edge

Alt 01- Recruitment

The newly formed Alliance gets new members...

A series of messages leads a group of strangers to seek out a newly formed rebellion against the Empire…but before any contact can be made, the players have other worries…


This is an alternate game being run simultaneously to Living on the Edge. It takes place a year before the events of Edge, and is designed to create a secondary experience for the players. These characters will eventually cross paths with those from our main game!

The Rundown

  • Players have all received email messages asking them to wait here, at this time, in an alley at Treasure Ship Row, Coronet City. A cam droid eventually finds them, and the mysterious contact moves the meeting, because the players have been followed.
  • Roduck, a southern Nikto, uses his uncanny perception powers to immediately notice the clumsy agents tracking them.
  • Axel charms a young pickpocket into causing a diversion in front of the agents, stealing their attention and allowing the players to slip away.
  • Blueton attempts to find a merchant sympathetic to the Alliance…but only finds a kind man instead (the Rebellion is still too new).
  • The cam droid finds the players, telling them to goto a nearby apartment, room 2-23-A.
  • The players find a pair of Aqualish thugs guarding the entrance. Blueton convinces them they have serious matters to attend to inside.
  • Roduck kicks open the door to room 2-23-A, as it is locked, and nobody inside responds.
  • Room 2-23-A is a surveillance outpost for the Empire. The agents are alerted when the door is kicked in, and Axel attempts to convince them he’s a bounty hunter who was tracking a bounty here.
  • The ruse falls apart quickly, as Blueton attempts to enter, and the agents are won over with suspicion.
  • Roduck attacks the agents, knocking one over, and Axel follows up with a crippling shot that kills them both.
  • The mysterious Alliance contact enters, explaining that there are a dozen more rooms like this, spread out across Treasure Ship Row… all attempting to gather intel on illicit activities that may be benefiting this new “Rebellion.” If the players are still interested, there’s plenty more work to do…

Opening Text

The Alliance to Restore the Republic…at least, that’s the email said. The message, dressed in the most vague terms, discussed the tyranny of the empire. This was more than a movement, more than the protests you’ve seen before; this was something more. It appeared organized.

Each of you received a similar letter about a week back…and it asked you to meet here, at this time.

In a dirty, wet alley in Coronet City on Corellia. The smell of fried foods linger out of the back of a nearby restaurant kitchen. Down the way, the mouth of the alley opens into Treasure Ship Row; the crown jewel of villainy in the city.

After a few minutes of impatient waiting, a cam droid no bigger than a baseball slips into the alley, hovering a few feet away from you. A radio clicks, and you hear a voice.

“Good, you made it. We’ve got a problem, though; this meeting location has been blown, and you’re being followed. Lose your tail, and I’ll make contact.”

With that, the droid skitters out of the alley, and you’re left to work.

Additional Information

  • Busy players eventually stalled the main game so much that an alternative was sought out; the players needed a game that could be quick drop in and out, and utilize some of the material in the books that hasn’t been explored yet.
  • Games in the AOE campaign will be shorter, more self-contained, and more free-form. There maybe a greater story, but it will come in smaller, more digestible parts.
  • Jin played Roduck, a character created by Jason, because there was no time for him to build an alternate before starting.


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