Living on the Edge

Ep 06- Pit Stop

It wasn’t long after you’ve broken free of the space station, that you find yourselves low on fuel. With little options, you stop on Montrose, an outpost ravaged by a series of disasters. Can the team help rebuild what’s been lost?

The Rundown

-The players have landed on Montrose, a muddy, backwater disaster that has been ravaged by a series of super storms.

-The players need fuel, but after the first storms hit, most colonists fled. They’ve taken almost all valuable resources with them, including fuel. The survivors at Montrose are almost out of food, and with another impending storm, they fear they won’t survive much longer.

-Marshal Jaffrey makes an offer to the gang; if they help rebuild what they can in Montrose, then maybe the Marshall can help them get off the planet. The gang agrees.

-Immediately, Calculon notices something familiar about the layout of this colony; it is a Clone Wars base. The organization of the core buildings, as well as the design of the landing pad are unmistakable. The colony may have evolved since the wars, but this place still had the markings, through and through.

-The team begins to clear debris from a busted power generator. One of the boulders falls, pinning Brew Blutum inside his construction vehicle. Calculon manages to help remove it.

-Upon getting into the building, the team finds that automated turrets are activated. They make quick work of them, and continue.

-Brew is able to reactivate the power in the generator without much issue.

-Returning to Marshal Jaffrey for next steps, the team finds a crowd gathered, despite the storm. They find that Jaffrey is being held hostage by a man named Bordo Gash.

-Tala attempts for a peaceful resolution, but Brew and Calculon have other ideas. A well timed shot knicks Jaffrey, killing Gash.


allyouneedisplay allyouneedisplay

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