Living on the Edge

Ep 05- Out of the Frying Pan Part 2

The plan, ready to spring into action, is interrupted by a newcomer. Tala, an ex-bodyguard of the Queen of Naboo, inserts herself into the escape plan, forcing the team to account for another person. With few options, they put their strategy into motion…

The Rundown

- The team sees that Del is being dragged towards the ship, incapacitated by guards.

- Before they can do anything about it, Tala appears at the entrance. She wants to help, and the gang fools her into thinking they’re soldiers.

- Calculon claims the dead soldier is “sick”, and they’re unable to prevent Tala from trying to help. She realizes he’s dead, but she’s not phased.

- Brew feels out whether or not Tala is pro-Empire, and when it’s clear she’s not, he admits the truth, and asks for her help.

- The team is able to convince the guards carrying Del that they’re guards, and they relieve the unit. Then our heroes enter the hangar with Del.

- At the top of the ramp, a man walks down the plank of the ship. The gang attempts to fool the man into thinking that they’re part of his security team. It fails miserably, and he orders his door guards to kill them.

- The gang battles the door guards. Calculon excels at combat.

- The man journeys down to battle them, but Tala is able to convince him to leave, and he escapes.

- Our heroes board the ship, only to discover that the inside is a library.

- Upon jumping to hyperspace, the man reveals himself as Victor Harlowe, and that he is after an artifact that Del may have in his possession.

- Del, now awake, lets the heroes know that they are on a giant auxiliary hard drive, filled prior to the formation of the Empire. The ship has data untainted information about the galaxy…


allyouneedisplay allyouneedisplay

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