General Information

Montrose is both the name of a planet, and a small colony.

The Planet

The Planet Montrose has three major climates- the polar arctic zones at both the top and bottom of the planet, heavy forests dot the zones closest to the arctic, and at the center, large mud and rock masses dominate the terrain.

The rock formations look similar to spires, jutting upwards from the ground to form large rock jungles.

The Colony

The Montrose colony exists on the equator, one of the warmest, most habitable areas of the planet. With easy access to a nearby river, and almost constant pleasant weather, the area appeared perfect for settlement.

That is, until recently, when a spike in dangerous weather caused a series of problems for the colonists.


Little is known about the history of the colony, aside from the fact that it was once a Clone Wars base. Calculon recently discovered an entrance…but to what, our heroes don’t know.


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