Mos Shuuta

General Description

Mos Shuuta is a city-stronghold on Tattooine. It is run by Teemo the Hutt, and serves as his base of operations.


Mos Shuuta is situated on a plateau, making it an ideal location for defense. High sandstone walls run the length of the city, and traffic is controlled through a gate and single entrance at the west of the compound.

Places of Note

  • Teemo’s Palace
  • Junk Shop
  • Offworld Trader’s
  • Water Tower
  • Shanty Town
  • Landing Bay

Additional Information

It is highly advisable not to travel to this location, as your recent prison break has escalated the conflict between you and Teemo. It is likely he will attempt to kill you on site.

Mos Shuuta

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